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About us

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In the year 2023, in the middle of nature, the most spectacular hotel in Petrosani took root, with a representative name „Mansion of the Roots”, thanks to its remarkable and unique design.

The exterior will amaze you with its rustic architecture, and the interior will also conquer you with a rustic but also modern decor. The exterior view complements the interior decoration, with brown and green natural colors predominating. The predominance of wood will take you back to the beginnings, and the modern decor highlighted by green vegetation effects will take you back to nature, relaxation, life.

At Mansion of the Roots, luxury and nature come together in a perfect balance, offering an amazing picture, being between the mountains, surrounded by forest, on the edge of the river Jiet, flowing of the eastern Jiu, the fresh air clothes you with strength, and the silence will help you forget about the outside world, noise, worries and stress.

Mansion of the Roots welcomes its guests who come on vacation or for business purposes. Here you will find a comfortable place, which will provide you with everything you need for a relaxing vacation.

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